Inzone Protein, fibre and complex vitamine rich  soups – contributes to:

– maintain/growth in muscle mass and bones, normal immune system, normal collagen formation of blood vessels, the protection of the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Excellent use for those who need extra energy and nutrition. 

NGC Nutrient Soup is based on the patented Indevex NGC nutrition formula (NGCTM i.e. Nutrition and Glycemic Control) and contains  appr. 15 grams of this per serving. The NGC Formula derives from  pure whole food ingredients and has been clinically tested and  effects verified over several years.

Observations on elderly show high wellbeing with long satiety and balanced energy after consuming a NGC Nutrient Soup. 

Protein rich Asparagus Soup

Protein rich Broccoli Soup

Protein rich Chicken/Curry Soup

Protein rich Mushroom Soup

Protein rich Tomato Soup