Indevex is a science-based and privately owned biotech company from Sweden. A natural and reliable partner, providing evidence based natural nutrition concepts based on the patented NGC™ Formula.

Indevex offers licenses and/or products to companies that distribute and sell functional foods and nutritional products. We also supply finished goods directly to our partner’s warehouse with our partner’s own brand name or with the InZone brand when applicable. This model guarantees excellent product quality and minimizes time to market.

Indevex nutrition technology springs from a deep understanding of the nutritional and energy needs for both healthy/unhealthy individuals and unhealthy lifestyles.

Indevex has well established owners and cooperative partners and holds a comprehensive IP platform for NGC™ globally.

In 2018, Indevex’s NGC™ products are successfully helping people toward a healthier life, sustainable weight management and wellness in more than 45 countries.