Indevex offers licenses and/or products to companies that distribute and sell medical nutrition, functional foods and nutritional products. We also supply finished goods directly to our partner’s warehouse with our partner’s own brand name or with the Indevex`s available brands when applicable. This model guarantees excellent product quality and minimizes time to market.
  • We grant licenses for the NGC technology to Nutrition & food companies, usually in the form of a start up license fee and royalty. To secure quality, Indevex supply the NGC Formula™ pre-mix at a low-margin price. This can then be locally adopted into consumer products like , Bars, Ready-to-Drinks, Soups etc.
  • Indevex can also provide finished consumer products in bulk for local packing (only NGC shake mixes)
  • Indevex may offer exclusivity within certain market segments or areas against our partners corresponding investment.
Support: Research, development, production & regulatory expertise
  • We offer our partners expertise in nutrition research and development, and contribute in-depth competence in areas such as concept building,  product development, industrialization and regulatory support.
Indevex offers
  • Proven commercial concepts and market knowledge
  • Broad R & D expertise incl formulations and ready products
  • Support in taste development and excellent food applications
  • Nutrition & medical knowledge and set-up of clinical programs
  • Regulatory support
Tailor-made concept for target groups in cooperation with licensor