Indevex’ history goes back to the late
1990´s when new breakthrough ideas and knowledge concerning natural nutrition and how it could be used in various medical treatments was acquired in Canada.

The Swedish company Indevex AB was then founded in the year 2000 with the aim of building up a unique and scientifically proven nutrition technology that fulfilled two important needs:

1. It should contain a good portion of all essential nutrients in a highly concentrated and adaptive form. For optimal uptake – and because people respond negatively on synthetically processed compositions – it should only contain pure natural food ingredients.

2. It should provide the building blocks the body needs in order to stay in anabolic (muscle-building) condition. Furthermore the composition should have a low impact on blood sugar and insulin in order to provide satiety

Extensive technology research, formula innovations, verification and market tests followed to form the unique technology and product platform. Since 2009, NGC™-based products have been launched worldwide and millions of servings are distributed every year.